University-Ballard Lions Salmon Bake 9/11/2016

The University-Ballard Lions Club annually holds a salmon bake at our 22 1/2 acre Lions Youth Camp on Camano Island on Sunday September 11, 2016.  Our Lions Youth Camp is made available without charge to a variety of youth groups throughout the year (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, church groups, Boys and Girls Clubs, etc.) The camp looked particularly well cared for during the salmon bake because of the careful work of our live-in caretaker.  In addition, a group of University-Ballard Lions Club members had come up a few days in advance of the salmon bake and painted some of the walls, doors of our dorms and dining hall, and walls in the showers. The camp looked great!


As can be seen in this photograph, the salmon bake follows the ancient indian cooking formula for salmon.  Lions Rick Gilmore and  Bill Carriveau, assisted by other volunteers cooked the many filets of silver salmon (Coho) over alder wood coals to which green alder limbs are added just before the salmon is placed on the cooking rack. This produces a smoky environment that nicely flavors the salmon. In addition Bill Carriveau and his helps cooked corn on the cob for the attendees to the salmon bake.


The salmon bake is always enhanced via pot-luck salads and desserts provided by the Lions Club members and guests in attendance. Shown in this photograph are Lions and Guests who are starting to fill their plates and enjoy the great comradeship of our Lions and guests over dinner.



Needless to say, a great time was had by all.  A special thanks goes to Lion Al Lee for the pictures.

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