DG Mar Murillo’s Presentation

Each year the University-Ballard Lions Club learns about ongoing activities in District 19B via a talk presented by the current District Governor. DG  Mar Murillo of the Bituin Lions Club of Seattle presented an update on District Lions activities to the University-Ballard Lions on December 7th, 2016.

Shon in this picture is DG Murillo looking at a flag being held up byZone img_1254Chairman Vilma Fernandes and former DG Mel Fernandez.  On the flag are signatures from Lions in District 19B who have heard DGMurillo speak this year.  Many more signatures were added by our members after his presentation.



Shown below are pictures of DG Murillo presenting a 55-year Milestone Chevron Award to Don Wahlquist, Chairman of the University Lions Foundation. The second photograph is of Lion Rick Gilmore receiving a 35-year Milestone Chevron Award from DG Murillo.

Additional awards to Lions Bud Bard (50 Years), Nancy DeBaste(20 years) and Megan Sweet (15 years) could not be made due to absences.


.  img_1281




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