Monitoring Uzbekistan’s Democratic Election

On January 4, 2017 the University-Ballard Lions Club was treated to a discussion about the recent election in Uzbekistan by Dan Peterson and Samantha Paxon.  Dan Peterson is the immediate past president of there Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association and Samantha Paxon is the current President of that Association.  Dan is a teacher and school principal in Shoreline, WA./  Samantha is the Communications Coordinator for the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle.


Dan Peterson showing location of Uzbekistan on world map

Samantha Paxton showing pictures of Candidates for President of Uzbekistan










The very informative information about the democratic process followed by Uzbekistan, a recently minted Democracy following the breakup of the USSR, caused our Lions Club members to appreciate significant changes that take place on the world stage.


Elegant attire from Uzbekistan



Following the presentation Dan Peterson brought out some elegant clothing worn in Uzbekistan for special occasions, like wedding.  He asked Samantha Paxton to model the women’s clothing and University-Ballard Lions President, Fred Minifie, to model the men’s outfit.   Our Lion’s Club has rarely sported such elegant outfits.

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