New Members


Welcome to our Club, we are so happy you have decided to join us! As you know, the motto of Lions throughout the world is “WE SERVE” Our Club consists of people from all walks of life with a variety of experiences. The combination of our talents and interests help to create a Club that is successful in our goal of serving those in need, both locally and globally.


The Club consists of people with varied interests and levels of participation. Some join primarily to work in the community and serve those with need. Some join because of the business contacts made at the meetings and activities of the organization. Some join for the educational aspects of the Club and some join for the friendships that can be formed in an organization such as this, but for the majority of members of the University-Ballard Lions Club we have joined for ALL of these reasons. Getting involved in the meetings, the committees, the fundraisers and the fun events will lead to a lifetime bond to the Club and its members. We look forward to having you as a part of our Club and again welcome you! Below you will find listed many of the different committees and organizations that we participate in and need your help with. Many of our members are on several committees and help with a variety of fundraising activities. We would love to see you join in where you see a need, and if you do not see anything of interest our President is always willing to help you find a place in our Club.


We always need members to participate in keeping the Club running which include:


The Board consists of our officers and 5 elected Board Members

PRESIDENT: the President officiates over all Club and Board meetings. He/she helps with the general workings of the Club and encourages the growth of the Club. Most issues and questions should be brought to the Presidents attention. Those issues are often passed on to relevant committees for action

VICE PRESIDENT: the Vice President is available to officiate over all Club meetings and board meetings in the event the President is unable to do so.

SECRETARY: the Secretary’s duties include being available to record and disperse minutes from the board meetings of the Club. He/she also completes various reports for International Lions including the logging of Volunteer hours, attendance of meetings, new members, ordering of badges and materials that are needed etc.

TREASURER:    the Treasurer’s duties are to keep track of the budget revenues and expenditures. The Club budget is not directly related to our charitable philanthropy. Our charitable donations are handled through the University Lions Foundation and the Ballard Lions Foundation. Both foundations are recognized as 501 c3 charitable organizations by the Internal Revenue Service. Thus, donations to either of the Foundations are tax deductible.

FIVE ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS: the duties and responsibilities of the board members include assisting the elected officials of the board in their duties and participating in deliberations to establish appropriate policies and activities on behalf of the the University-Ballard Lions Club. Many workings of the Club are decided at the board meetings and voted upon by the board and its members.

BOARD MEETINGS: Meetings of the Board are open to all members. It is the purpose of the Board of Directors to conduct the Business of the Lions Club (not Foundations) and to make decisions on behalf of the Lions Club regarding its future, its support of the Lions activities in the Zone 19B2, the District 19B, the Multiple District 19 and Lions Clubs International. This Board is the active “Heart of our Club”. At these meetings the board will discuss a variety of subjects, for instance: minutes of the previous meetings, treasurer’s reports, reports given by the chairs of various committees, suggestions of new organizations that may need our help, the different events that are happening in the future and how we can participate as a group with the formation of any new committees needed.


The Foundation Board consists of our officers and elected Board Members:

CHAIR:   much like the Lion’s Board President, the Chair oversees the Foundation Board Meetings. Acquires and disperses information for the University Lions Foundation and assists in decision making of the Foundation.

TREASURER: the Treasurer assists in keeping track of the Foundation’s budget and expenditures. Our charitable donations and grants are handled through the foundation, and the Treasurer is there to assist in this process.

ELECTED BOARD MEMBERS: the board members participate in the decision making process for donations and grant disbursement.

THE UNIVERSITY LIONS FOUNDATION STATEMENT OF FOCUS: The primary focus of support of the University Lions Foundation is to serve the Greater Seattle Community, giving hope and impacting lives through humanitarian service, projects and grants with particular emphasis on sight and hearing. The University-Ballard Lions Club is part of a larger Lions community and will strive to support the needs identified within the Lions District 19B, Multiple District 19, and Lions International.

At this writing Gerry Geraldo will sit in on all University Lions Foundation meetings, representing the Ballard Foundation.

THE BALLARD LIONS FOUNDATION STATEMENT OF FOCUS: completely separate from the workings of the University Lions Foundation-The Ballard Lions Foundation submits requests for funding to the Harry L. Wilson and Clare Kayo Wilson Charitable Trust. The Ballard Lions Foundation is devoted solely to support of sight and hearing projects approved by the members of their Board. Gerry Geraldo can give specifics.

At this writing Martha Golubiec will sit in on all Ballard Lions Foundation meetings,    representing the University Lions Foundation


PROGRAM COMMITTEE: If you would like to help find new and interesting speakers for our Club meetings, this is the committee for you! This committee has the responsibility to identify and select programs to be presented at our monthly meetings. We meet twice a month, one evening (1st Wednesday of the month) and one noon meeting (3rd Wednesday of the month) so the program committee needs to arrange 24 programs per year. Aside from arranging for the speakers, the committee can use the help of individuals to take pictures of the speakers, write brief comments about the programs and routinely enter those onto the website.

AUCTION COMMITTEE:   The auction committee supports our largest annual fundraiser and requires many people’s involvement to complete this successfully each year. The chair of the committee needs to have attention to detail and to keep the committee moving forward. This committee makes decisions regarding all aspects of the Auction. These range from selecting the theme for the Auction ( in the past several years it has been “Starry Starry Night for Hearing and Sight”) the venue for the Auction, the auctioneer, the form and size of the auction, selling tables for the Auction, encouraging participation by all Lions Club members, finding support from community corporations for donations and funding, etc. We need everyone to participate with the function of the Auction. Long term projects include collecting donations, discussing and implementing new activities for the Auction, contacting corporations for donations etc. As we get closer to the Auction participation is needed to start cataloging the donations, help with arrangement of the printing of the book, help with loading and unloading the trucks, setting up the tables and every other detail of the Auction that work together to make this a success.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE: This requires a persuasive person that can encourage other members of the Club to invite prospects to our meetings for possible membership. The Heart of our Club and our continued success rests on our members and the involvement of new and excited members. This cannot be achieved by one person so this committee can use several volunteers. As the Chair of the Membership Committee he/she will concentrate on the search for potential new members, sharing information about the Club, meeting dates and times, information about our activities, application forms etc. In the future we would like to implement a short 3 minute presentation from all new and ongoing members to just give us an idea of who they are, telling us about their family, job and interests. The Membership Committee Chair would arrange for these presentations. This committee has opportunities for more than one member so-

SUNSHINE COMMITTEE: this committee is usually a one person job. It involves making routine calls to members who have not attended recent club meetings due to various reasons, inquiring about their health and inviting them to come back to our meetings. The Chair reports back about his/her findings at the meetings and makes us all aware if there are medical or family issues that are keeping them from attending. They will pass a card for signing if it is appropriate and will send to those members.

LIONS YOUTH CAMP COMMITTEE: The University Lions Club purchased land in 1960 for a Youth Camp on Camano Island. Since that time the camp has grown to about 22 ½ acres. It is fully described and pictorially represented on our website:

At this writing Dale Thompson manages the needs of the camp and keeps the Club informed about work needed, news about the camp (e.g. toppled trees during wind storms) etc. He oversees the financial support for the camp provided by the University Lions Foundation. There are always thingsg to be done at that camp, and an interested person could work closely with Dale to be involved with that. There is usually a work day at the camp and many volunteers are needed for paint projects and tasks needed around the camp. There is a camp Caretaker, Lion Robin Barker, who lives at the camp full time and manages the camp on a full time basis. She does a wonderful job, but there are always projects that need done with a property this size. Members New and Old are encouraged to help at the camp and also participate in a fun event with the Annual Potluck and Salmon Bake held in September each year.

BULLETIN: an individual is needed to be available at all meetings to take notes, compose and distribute the Bulletin from all the meetings. The Busy B editors receive a copy of each bulletin and review for possible inclusion of topics in the Busy B Bulletin. A good addition would be a member who routinely takes pictures of our speakers and club activities. These photographs could be included in our bulletin and/or on our website. This would be a great opportunity for a new member; it would help them get acquainted with the members and the work being done by University-Ballard Lions Club. It has also been suggested that this be a job that would rotate between a couple different members.

SOCIAL MEDIA COMMITTEE: this would be a new committee for the Club, so it would be a fluid position. Social Media is such a huge part of communication and organization that the hope is by getting the University-Ballard Lions Club Social Media “savvy” it will help the Club expand with both members and donors. Ideas for this committee would need those able to create a Facebook Page, Instagram and other web based pages for the Club. They would help with the University-Ballard Lions Club Website, and also use their knowledge to grow this area for the Club. Someone interested in photography would be a plus for this job. This is an opportunity for one or more members to participate in.

Several important missions of the University-Ballard Lions Club are either supported financially, or are addressed by volunteers from our Lions Club. Listed are several of the organizations we participate in. This list changes so this is not to be considered complete. The Club is always interested in new organizations that can benefit from our Club financially or through volunteerism. If you have ideas for new organizations, please bring that to the attention of the Club.

LISTEN AND TALK: This Seattle program for Families with children who are deaf or children with severely profound hearing losses serves a great need in the region. The University-Ballard Lions Club devotes half of the revenue from our “Fund-an-item” portion of our Auction annually to support Listen and Talk. Our members are greatly involved with Listen and Talk having Lion Dr. Suzanne Quigley serving as Director and Lions Paul Fenton and Bill Cavendar serving on the board of directors. This would be a wonderful place for a member with interests in working with young children to find ways of volunteering and interacting with Listen and Talk.

UW MEDICINE EYE INSTITUTE AND DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGY: The other half of revenue generated by the “fund-an-item” at our annual auction goes to support the UW Medicine Eye Institute, by supporting the Northwest Lions Research Professor of Ophthalmology. For the past several years that has been our Lions member Dr. Tueng Shen, a research scientist and clinician for patients with corneal disease. The annual contribution of amounts in excess of $25,000.00 have brought the University-Ballard Lions into a strong and productive relationship with the premier Department of Ophthalmology within the five State WAMI region comprised of Washington, Alaska, Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. Lion Fred Minifie currently serves as the Chairman of the Community Action Board for the UW Eye Institute. The relationship with the Eye Institute helps fulfill a major portion of our Lion’s Club commitment to serving the needs of persons with vision disorders and diseases. This is a perfect opportunity for involvement for any member of the Lions Club with an interest in interacting with the medical community. Collecting Eyeglasses for evaluation and distribution to the community is one volunteer job, but talking with Lion Fred for more ideas would make this a perfect opportunity for volunteerism.

CAMP LEO: Each July for the past 3 years the University Lions Club has provided a meal for the elementary school aged children with diabetes who are just completing their week at Camp Leo, where they have had fun and have also learned how to deal with their diabetes in everyday life. We have provided 260 meals on this one day! This is a great one-day activity for volunteerism. It helps to show the community the various ways the Lions help to support our community and also hopefully encourages new members to join the Lions.

LIONS CORN BOOTH AT THE EVERGREEN STATE FAIR IN MONROE: proceeds from the Lions Corn Booth have helped to support the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation of Snohomish County. This is a one day volunteer activity for 10-12 Lions, usually lasting 4-6 hours. The job includes shuckers, butter dunkers, sellers and cleaners. This is a great way for the lions to get acquainted with service to the greater community and have a lot of fun in the process.

SCHOLARSHIP FOR AUDIOLOGY STUDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON: The University-Ballard Lions Club provides a scholarship annually to a worthy student preparing for a career in audiology. Hopefully this encourages closer relationships between audiologist and Lions Clubs at large. Several students have become involved with the Lions by volunteering at our annual auction as a result. A great opportunity for a volunteer interested in Audiology and also student mentoring is needed as a liaison with the UW.


Programs listed below have been served by charitable donations from the Club and have great opportunities for volunteerism. If you are interested in working with any of these organizations, and need help to decide just how, please discuss with our president, or a “seasoned” member for ideas and help.




TAPROOT THEATER A project to use the arts to teach school age children about bullying and its impact, plus other issues and moral values


EYE GLASS COLLECTION AND DISTRIBUTION for needy individuals within the community. This activity has been coordinated by Martha Golubiec and Gerry Geraldo. Financially needy patients living in our designated area are provided with new eyeglasses by the University Lions Foundation or the Ballard Lions Foundation. A great opportunity for involvement by new Lions members.

HEARING AID DISTRIBUTION For those in need within our community. This activity has been coordinated by Bill Collison and Gerry Geraldo. Financially needy patients living in our designated area are provided with new hearing aids by the University Lions Foundation or the Ballard Lions Foundation. A great opportunity for involvement by a new Lion member.




As a new member you will have many more questions than can be answered here. This has been prepared in hopes of not only helping to inform you of what is possible through our Club both for the recipient but for the volunteer. You joined a service Club because you want to help. “We Serve” is our motto and our mission is “To be the global leader in community and humanitarian service” and how EXCITING that you want to be a part of this!!! We want you to be a part of our Club, enjoy what you are doing with the Club, and feel empowered to make changes in our community and in the world. If you want to become more active in the University-Ballard Lions Club please contact President Fred Minifie or Marlece Wasmund. We are SO happy you are here and have chosen University-Ballard Lions Club to be a part of!!!! Again-

Disclaimer: this was respectfully written on August 16, 2016. Subject to change.