What Is A Service Club?

A service club is a group of individuals who have banded together to provide assistance and help in a community. These groups usually require that money and donations given from outside of the organization is returned to the community or other worthy causes. Club expenses are raised among the members as dues or donations. Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club. Other service clubs include the Rotary, Kiwanis and Soroptimist. Service clubs do not normally have social facilities, secret handshakes or secret meetings. However membership is by invitation.

Why Should I Join A Service Club?

There is no one answer as to why a person should join a service club, however a survey of the members of the University-Ballard Lions may give some clues. In the survey the members were asked why they joined. The most common reasons given for joining were to make business contacts and “because a friend invited me.”

Members of the University-Ballard Lions come from many different backgrounds and fields of employment. They represent large corporations and small businesses and some are retired. With over forty Lions Clubs in northern King and southern Snohomish County the opportunity to network is certainly there.

The second part of the survey asked why they stayed members. Here the answers were more varied. There was no single dominant reason, but networking had dropped much lower in the list.

The following are some of the more common reasons given:

“It Makes Me Feel Good.” “Its a great way to give back to the community.”

When the body is pressed to a certain point the brain releases endorphins, which gives the body additional endurance and a sense of good feeling. This is known as a “Runners high”. Those same endorphins are released when someone does something good for someone else. The University-Ballard Lions are heavily involved with local area charities and groups in need. Plus we are a part of the larger Lions efforts on the regional, national and international level. A partial list of those organizations and individuals that have received support from the University Lions Foundation can be found on this wesite on the Local Causes page.


The University-Ballard Lions meet weekly where friendships are formed that last a lifetime. The meetings are a mix of business, fun and education with the emphasis on fun. During Moments of Happiness members are able to tell of a positive event in their lives or maybe a joke that brings laughs or loud groans. A former CEO of a large area corporation once said, University-Ballard Lions meetings are my oasis in the middle of a hectic week. In addition to the meetings there are social activities that include spouses and guests. Social activities include:

* Super Bowl Party

*UW football game attended by a group of Lions
*An annual open fire grilled salmon picnic at our camp on Camano Island
* Annual auction “Starry Starry Night for Hearing abd Sight”
* Golf Tournaments and fishing trips.
* Visits to other Clubs both to their meetings and to support their projects.


Each week the University-Ballard Lions have a program that usually features a guest speaker. Over the years there have been few subjects that have not been on the agenda.
Our speakers have included some of the State’s governors, the City’s mayor, University of Washington athletes, presidents of the University of Washington, North Seattle Community College, Northwest Hospital and many more. We are given insights into their fields that we may never have had the opportunity to know otherwise.