Each year the University-Ballard Lions participate in three fund raising activities:

  1. White Canes, a street corner solicitation to raise money for the Northwest Lions Foundation (which includes the Northwest Lions Eye Bank – now called SightLife)

  2. Sale of Entertainment Books

  3. An annual auction that generates enough revenue to support most of our Community Service projects.

Annual Auction

For the past 40 years the University-Ballard Lions Club has held an annual auction to raise funds to support its many projects located within the greater Seattle Community, Puget Sound and internationally . For the past several years this gala auction, “Starry Starry Night for Hearing and Sight,” has been held at the Washington State Convention Center. The next University-Ballard Lions Auction will be held on May 20, 2017.  Each year 250-300 attendees make this outstanding fundraiser an enjoyable and productive event.  The auction nets thousands of dollars, all of which goes to support University Lions’ community service projects.  It is an event that is enjoyed by all who attend.

Traditional features of the auction include: champagne upon entry, a jazz band, gourmet dinner options, a silent auction, a wine toss, a treasure chest, auction baskets, a fund-an-item, live auction and table centerpieces. Bank employees, local area Boy Scouts, cheer leaders, and other volunteers help with the auction.

If you want to donate items to the auction, please contact Lion Steve Cook at 425-712-9773 or 206-525-7377

Special Note: The auction catalog will be published on this site in advance of the auction so that attendees may look at all of the auction items before attending the gala evening.

White Cane Days

Each year in May members of the University-Ballard Lions Club join Lions throughout Washington and Northern Idaho in seeking donations to support the needs of visually impaired citizens who cannot afford eyeglasses, specialized equipment or surgeries for eye disease.  The University-Ballard Lions do this by distributing White Cane lapel stickers to individuals in downtown Seattle who donate money to support this important work with needy individuals whose lives can be significantly improved with appropriate vision care.  For several years the University Lions Foundation has sent all of the money raised in during White Cane Days to the Northwest Lions Foundation to support its work with visually impaired citizens.

Entertainment Books

The University-Ballard Lions Club sells Entertainment Books each year to raise money for projects supported by the University Lions Foundation.  In 2011 the Entertainment Books are being sold for $25.  The University Lions Foundation receives $12.50 from each book sold.