Monitoring Uzbekistan’s Democratic Election

On January 4, 2017 the University-Ballard Lions Club was treated to a discussion about the recent election in Uzbekistan by Dan Peterson and Samantha Paxon.  Dan Peterson is the immediate past president of there Seattle-Tashkent Sister City Association and Samantha Paxon is the current President of that Association.  Dan is a teacher and school principal in Shoreline, WA./  Samantha is the Communications Coordinator for the Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle.


Dan Peterson showing location of Uzbekistan on world map

Samantha Paxton showing pictures of Candidates for President of Uzbekistan










The very informative information about the democratic process followed by Uzbekistan, a recently minted Democracy following the breakup of the USSR, caused our Lions Club members to appreciate significant changes that take place on the world stage.


Elegant attire from Uzbekistan



Following the presentation Dan Peterson brought out some elegant clothing worn in Uzbekistan for special occasions, like wedding.  He asked Samantha Paxton to model the women’s clothing and University-Ballard Lions President, Fred Minifie, to model the men’s outfit.   Our Lion’s Club has rarely sported such elegant outfits.

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DG Mar Murillo’s Presentation

Each year the University-Ballard Lions Club learns about ongoing activities in District 19B via a talk presented by the current District Governor. DG  Mar Murillo of the Bituin Lions Club of Seattle presented an update on District Lions activities to the University-Ballard Lions on December 7th, 2016.

Shon in this picture is DG Murillo looking at a flag being held up byZone img_1254Chairman Vilma Fernandes and former DG Mel Fernandez.  On the flag are signatures from Lions in District 19B who have heard DGMurillo speak this year.  Many more signatures were added by our members after his presentation.



Shown below are pictures of DG Murillo presenting a 55-year Milestone Chevron Award to Don Wahlquist, Chairman of the University Lions Foundation. The second photograph is of Lion Rick Gilmore receiving a 35-year Milestone Chevron Award from DG Murillo.

Additional awards to Lions Bud Bard (50 Years), Nancy DeBaste(20 years) and Megan Sweet (15 years) could not be made due to absences.


.  img_1281




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Thanksgiving Food Baskets

On November 21, 2016 the University-Ballard Lions Club provided large baskets of food for 20 families in the Wallingford and Ballard areas of Seattle.  These baskets of food brightened up the Thanksgiving celebration for the 20 recipient families Moreover, it gave the members of the University-Ballard Lions Club who purchased food and delivered food baskets with a good feeling about doing something good for others in the community.  Lions Maggie Mallett and Gerry Giraldo took on leadership roles in bringing this service event to fruition.  Community businesses donated over $1858 worth of food for the baskets in addition to $438 worth of food provided by our Lions Club. This is a great example of how community businesses and Lions service organization can work together to accomplish good things for the community.

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Presentation by Counsel General of Peru

At the meeting of the University-Ballard Lions Club on November 2nd Lion Bill Southern introduced Miguel Velasquez, Consul General A.H. of Peru and Fernando Jaureyui, assistant to the Consulate of Peru. They presented a video that showed an overview of their beautiful country and shared the country’s history, culture and geography which has 24 regions (like our states). It became clear that Peru is a country with a history that shows a great fusion of cultures over the years. This excellent presentation helped the University-Ballard Lions to a better appreciation of the shared values that we have with the people of Peru.

Shown below is a photograph Counsel General Velasquez, who has lived in Seattle for many years and Lion Patty Minzel who was celebrating her 90th birthday on November 2nd.

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Support for UW Medicine Eye Institute

On October 19, 2016 the University-Ballard Lions Club heard Lions Member Dr. Tueng Shen describe her recent research and clinical activities at the UW Medicine Eye Institute and the UW Department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Shen’s research is rapidly moving forward the necessary technologies for diagnosis and treatment of patient’s with corneal diseases and cataracts. She described a chip that can be implanted in the cornea and can be monitored with a wireless device saving patients days of travel during treatment.  moreover, she described using the “eye as a window” using dynamic imaging techniques.

Following her presentation, President Fred Minifie awarded Dr. Shen with a check for half of the funds raised during the “fund-an-item” portion of our annual University-Ballard Lions Club auction held on April 23, 2016. Dr. Shen serves at the Northwest Lions Research Professor of Ophthalmology.

President Minfie awards check to Dr. Tueng Shen

President Minfie awards check to Dr. Tueng Shen


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