Camp Leo Video

Shown below is a video prepared by Lions Clubs International about Camp Leo here in Washington State. Camp Leo is a camp devoted to teaching children who have diabetes about how to monitor their blood levels, how to inject their insulin and a lot about watching their diets. In addition, it is a camp where children have a great deal of fun and interact with other children who have Type 1 Diabetes. The University-Ballard Lions Club has supported Camp Leo for several years. We have done this by preparing meals for Campers, their families, and camp counselors at the end of a week at camp, by providing scholarships for children to attend Camp Leo, and by spreading the word to other Lions Clubs in the greater Seattle area. Three members of the University-Ballard Lions Club are shown in the video. They are ions Patricia Minzel, Rick Gilmore and Al Lee. Click on the following website to see the video.